Please Read the Frequently Asked Questions Below Before Contacting Virulite

The Virulite CS® device uses a breakthrough in medical technology, the result of over 10 years of clinical research. Over the 10-year period the researchers of Virulite experimented with many wavelengths of light to ascertain if any had therapeutic benefits. Finally it was discovered that light centred at a wavelength of 1072NM (nanometers) had a powerful therapeutic effect. This phenomenon was clearly demonstrated in a clinical trial conducted at an English hospital where topical Aciclovir applied five times daily was compared to a single application of the 1072nm light. The invisible light treatment halved cold sore healing time as compared to topical Aciclovir. You can read the published clinical trial data on our Clinical Evidence page.

Q.  How can a light heal my Cold Sore?
We believe that the 1072nm light acts as a catalyst, which enhances the local immune response, which enables the body to heal itself more rapidly.

Q.  Why can't I just stand in the sunlight to heal my Cold Sore?
Sunlight Contains UV (ultraviolet light), which actually triggers Cold Sores. The amount of 1072nm light in sunlight (even in summer) is insufficient to be effective.

Q.  Will any light do as long as I put it on my cold sore?
No, over the last 10 years Virulite has been researching the various wavelengths (colours) of light in the visible and invisible spectrum and found some wavelengths were ineffective and some even make Cold Sores worse! Only 1072nm light proved to be effective in reducing Cold Sore healing time.

Q.  Is this new treatment a cure or just another treatment?
The clinical evidence proves that this is a superior treatment, however ongoing research by Virulite has given rise to strong anecdotal evidence that if used to treat 4 to 5 separate cold sore attacks, the recurrence of the cold sores is significantly reduced. This is the focus of ongoing research. The Virulite Cold Sore Machine is highly effective in 99.5% of individuals.

Q.  When and how many times can I treat my cold sore?
You should treat your cold sore as soon as you become aware of it (blister or tingling stage) and then treat it 12 hours later. In the majority of people this is an adequate treatment, however in a small percentage of people the virus takes a little longer to travel down the nerve to the skin. The 1072nm light therapy is only effective in the presence of the virus, thus if the cold sore appears to progress after the second treatment it is best to treat four more times a day for 2 days. There is no limit to how many times a cold sore can be treated, but treating more often is not recommended as it is of no proven clinical benefit.

Q.  What about safety and long-term effects?
The wavelength used by the Virulite device is very close to that of the Nd:YAG laser which has been used by doctors all over the world for several decades. The Virulite Cold Sore Machine radiates divergent light which is inherently 'eye-safe' and uses powers 1/10'000 less than medical lasers already in use. It has been documented in medical papers that Nd:YAG laser surgery to a pregnant woman's cervix (neck of the womb) is a safe procedure if clinically indicated. The cervix is very close to the developing baby.

Q.  Is it safe to use on children?
The Virulite device is safe to use on children, the time of application remains unchanged at 3 minutes. We recommend that treatment be supervised by an adult to ensure correct use of the device.

Q.  Are there any side effects?
No side effects or complications have been reported.

Q.  What about the site of the cold sore?
The invisible light that the Virulite Cold Sore Machine uses penetrates the skin relatively easily, therefore Cold Sores in the nose, inside the lip and on the face can be treated as effectively as Cold Sores that are present on the outside of the lips.

Q.  Can the Virulite Cold Sore Machine be used on Cold Sores of the skin (leg, buttock etc)?
Dermal Herpes should in theory respond to the Virulite device, although this has not been verified in clinical trials. Daily treatments for 4 consecutive days are recommended.

Q.  What about Genital Herpes?
The Herpes Simplex 2 virus usually causes this condition. Theoretically, provided the light can be applied directly to the blistered area it should be an effective treatment, however clinical trials have not been conducted verifying this. Daily application for 7 consecutive days is recommended.

Q.  What about mouth ulcers?
Whilst not medically proven, 2 treatments daily for 2 days has been found to be effective in the treatment of aphthous ulcers.

Q.  How Does the Virulite Cold Sore Machine work?
The researchers at Virulite know that the light has no effect upon the actual virus but does have a positive effect upon the immune cells responsible for fighting the virus. It is also known that the Virulite device light plays a role in generating powerful antioxidants within the cells. This is a field of active research.

Q.  Does the Virulite Cold Sore Machine help relieve pain?
In some individuals their cold sores are accompanied by severe pain, our research demonstrated that in the majority of these individuals almost complete pain relief occurs within the period of the 3-minute treatment cycle.

Q.  What is the shelf life?
The Virulite Cold Sore Machine will deliver unlimited Cold Sore treatments, each lasting 3 minutes, during the warranty period; the 9 volt battery is replaceable and will require replacing during the life of the device. The manufacturer's warranty is for 1 year. The Virulite device has an internal mini-computer, which monitors the invisible light output and will shut the device down if inadequate light is generated. This safety feature prevents the user using an ineffective device.

Q.  Does the Virulite Cold Sore Machine need batteries?
Yes, the Virulite device comes with a 9 volt battery. When the battery power is too low to power the device, the device will not power up and the battery should be replaced.