technical information

Virulite Cold Sore Machine Features

Two LEDs giving out the invisible 1072 nanometer light in specific pulsed bursts are set into the bell shaped treatment area, which is placed over the Cold Sore. Dual activation switches prevent accidental activation while the device is being carried in a purse or pocket.

A built in self-timer ensures a 3-minute treatment cycle, whilst a green LED flashes to reassure the user that the treatment is taking place, as the Virulite waveband of light is invisible to the human eye. At the start and end of the treatment an audible warning sound is heard and the device automatically switches itself off after the three minutes.

An internal mini-computer runs checks each time the device is activated to ensure that there is sufficient battery power and also constantly checks the 1072nm light to ensure that the correct therapeutic waveband is emitted. If any of these criteria fail, an alarm tune is played and the device shuts down. This safety feature prevents the user using an ineffective device.woman-with-device-1.png

  • Built in self-timer... no need to watch the clock
  • Internal mini-computer checks the light output
  • Dual switches prevent accidental activation
  • Automatic shut down after treatment is complete
  • Audible buzzer will alert user when device is powered up and at end of treatment
  • Visible green LED flashes to alert the hard of hearing that device is powered up